Thursday, October 15, 2015


Ubaka Joseph Ugochukwu is an international award-winning film director, whose style of filmmaking has global cinema acceptance.
Joseph studied Political science in Ahmadu Bello University Zaria Nigeria, had his film training at Media Centre Dakar Senegal, Berlin Talent Campus Germany and resident program with Masion Jeune de la cuture Lile France.

In 2000, I made my first short film on Digital Video titled: "Jungle Justice". In 2001, I made another short movie on digital video titled: "Wahala" and in 2004, I made a silence short movie (cinema de expressionism) on digital video titled: "Dechirure".
In between this period I have worked as an apprentice and assistant director in feature length film projects shot on 35mm, super 16mm, and 16mm with French crew, German crew and Senegalese crew and have shot several TV commercials both as a model and assistant director.

In 2009, I made my first feature length titled: “Trapped Dream” on SD with fundings from Image Afrique (department of french foreign ministry France), Goteborg International Film Festival Fund Sweden and The Global Film Initiatives San Francisco USA.
Trapped Dream screened in more than 9 international film festivals both in Africa, Europe and Americas. The world Premiere of Trapped Dream held during Goteborg International film festival Sweden 2009, followed by other screenings both in official competition and Panorama, Fribourg International film festival Switzerland, Cinematheque D’ Afrique Lausanne Switzerland, Fespaco Bukina Faso, Afrykamera Warsaw Poland, Kenya International Film festival, Cinema De Africano Verona Italy where I won the Special Jury Price Award, Balafon International Film Festival Bari Italy and African Cinema in Trieste Italy.

In 2010, I made another feature length film, shot on HD titled Lilies of the Ghetto, with the funding support of Vision Sud Est Switzerland. Lilies of the Ghetto had three nominations in the African Movie Academy Award, screened in Pan African Film Festival (Vues D’Afrique) Montreal Canada, Pan African Cannes France and Cinema Africano del Tarifa Spain, Lumiere Film Festival France etc.

In 2013, I concluded the post production of my premier feature length documentary film project titled: "THE LOST TRIBE", documentary on the historical origin of the Igbo race as black Jews of Africa and one of the major tribes in Nigeria. Lost Tribe had its first screening in official competition during the 3rd edition of African International Film Festival (AFRIFF 2013) in Tinapa Calabar.

In 2014, I participated in "EAVE" a Coproduction Master-class Film Training program with Goethe Institute and did worked as a freelance director for other indigenous film production companies. 

In 2015, I directed  three feature length for MNET "AMOF" titles: Truthful Lies, Payback is a Woman and Blind steal. Currently on the post-production phase of the Missing God.

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